Hyper-Local, Certified
Naturally Grown,
Veggies Directly to You

Everyone deserves access to quality food, but our industrial food
system is a problem...
chemicals- fertilizers, pesticides, hebicides
"fresh" produce shipped from hundreds  or thousands of miles away
tastesless, nutrient depleted vegetables

Sandy's Way is the solution. Your local source for Certified Naturally Grown, tasty vegetables, & herbs!

We offer 3 Simple Ways To Get Hyper-Local, Healthy Veggies

1. Become an Exclusive Farmship Member

2. Shop The Castle Rock Farmers Market

3. Shop Our Online Store

Getting Hyper-Local food is easy:

Our Farmship Program connects folks like you with
everything we grow, in addition to other locally
grown items that we source from producers in
Colorado. All of it is offered through our
Farmship Membership Program


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