Farming - is tough work. It's expensive, and there 'is a LOT of risk.

  • Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is one way to reduce some of that risk for small, local farms like Sandy's Way.
  • You purchasing a FARMSHIP gives the farm some capital at the start of the season to buy seeds and supplies.
  • You get first dibs on naturally grown, healthy, local produce.
  • In most traditional CSA models, you don't get a say in what you receive from the farm every week. You get a box or bag of produce and hope you can find a good recipe for that one thing in the bag that you have no idea what it even is, let alone how to cook it so your family will eat it.
  • With our FARMSHIP, you are in 100% control. You order exactly what you want from the weekly inventory. It's always fresh and always changing.
  • Once you spend your prepaid buy-in, your FARMSHIP doesn't end! You can continue to shop using the online store or at the farmers market until the end of the season always receiving your FARMSHIP discount.


1. Purchase Your Farmship

2. Order from the online store or shop at the farmers market (in-season)

3. Cook, Eat, Enjoy


  1. Farmship Buy-in is $235= $35 administration fee, $200 store credit that can be used to purchase anything we sell through the entire season (May-November).
  2. Members receive 10% discount on every item- Online Store, Castle Rock Farmers Market, and On-Farm.
  3. Every week of the season members get Exclusive, Early access to the Online Farm Store. Members can select their produce ahead of all other buyers.
  4. Members receive 2 reusable, high-quality, organic cotton bags to keep!
  5. Easy payment plan with 3 monthly installments of $78.33 or choose to pay in full and get an extra $20 in store credit


What if I don't spend my $200 Store credit?

On average, BEFORE the 10% discount, committed members will spend about $300 for the season. That means after the discount, they spend about $273 - which means they are saving $27 over the course of the season.

$27 in discounts doesn't really sound like that much right?! CONSIDER THIS....Of your $235 investment:

  • You get $200 of that investment BACK to spend on your produce. Meaning you really only 'out' $35 (membership fee) for the whole season!
  • BUT - if you calculate back in the average savings from your discount ($220+ of veggies)
  • YOUR TRUE COST is less than $15 to invest in a local farm, and you get TOP QUALITY produce at a discounted rate!‚Äč

Where do I pick-up my order? Do you deliver?

Unfortunately, I currently don't have the capacity to deliver individual orders. When you place your order you can select from any one of the 6 locations in the area to pick up from. Here is a list:

  • Castle Rock Farmers Market (Douglas County Fairgrounds) Saturday
  • Castle Rock Central-100 Wilcox Blvd- Wednesdays (6:30 pm)
  • Castle Rock Meadows-Paintbrush Park Wednesdays (7 pm)
  • Roxborough-Chatfield Farms -Tuesdays
  • Lakewood-City Commons-Wednesdays
  • Highlands Ranch-Westridge-Wednesdays
  • Sandy's Way Microfarm- Tuesday & Thursday
What if something comes during the season and I cannot use my store credit?

We will work with Farmship members on a case-by-case basis to figure out whats best for both of us.

I really want to support Sandy's Way, but I can't commit to $235.

We totally understand! You can still support us by purchasing from us at the Castle Rock Farmer's Market or using our Online Retail Store. You will not be entitled to any discounts or get exclusive early access to shop for produce and there may be no or a limited supply of items available for purchase.

Is you Online Store secure?

Of course! We use a company called Localine. All your information is secure and neither Sandy's Way nor Localine will SPAM you or sell your information. All of your transactions are encrypted just like any other online shopping experience.